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How NOT to contact potential employees on linkedin

Recently I read an an article about “HOW NOT TO CONTACT RECRUITERS ON LINKEDIN” ( and immediately remembered last several situation happened to me or my friends on linkedin when some recruiters wanted to contact us. After compared both situations – how recruiters contacting people and how people contacting recruiters – i wanted to point few interesting – in my opinion – suggestions for people from HR regarding cited post:

1. Can you recommend me some person?

Many times we received some connection query through linkedin or other similar portals where recruiters weren’t interested to talk about a position for which they are looking for suitable candidates, they immediately said that probably we will not be interested in this position and asked if we can recommend someone for this position, even when they didn’t completely share any information about position. In this case how we can recommend someone to you?! Our friends start to think we are crazy asking them so many times.

2. Can you read my profile carefully?

There are many situations when recruiters offering us a job which completely not match our profiles. Most of the time they saying – “I saw your profile interesting and want to offer you [let say like in my situation] Java Developer position……..”.

I see red light in my head immediately when someone trying attracts me telling my profile looks interesting and offering a non-profile related position. The question is: Where did you find this in my profile? Where did you find I’m Java Developer? I can be a Java Developers, I can learn it quickly but I’m not Java guy.

Javascript Java development Java developer

Java is to Javascript like Ham is to Hamster

3. Can you please give my your phone number? I will call you.

“Hi, I have fantastic job offer. Can you give me your phone number. I will call you and describe details.”

I don’t want to give you my phone number! If you are contacting us through some portal/mail why you don’t want to provide us job details? If we will spent 30 min on each of telephone call we need to start work half-time. If we will be interested we will give you our CV and event meet you quickly if possible. Not only recruiters are busy. We have meetings as well, we have tasks to do, we need to do reporting either. Lets agree some time-window and talk but please provide us first detailed information about position. This can save ours and yours time because maybe we are not interested.

4. “Hi, I’m calling you because I have fantastic opportunity. This is very interesting……. Hi, sorry, Lets talk about it in 2 hours. I’m at work and I’m busy now. Ok, no problem see you.”

….and, no contact in agreed time. After few days another call. “Hi, I called you regarding “this” position…..”. How we can trust you are professional recruiter when you don;t care what we agreed. You know that contacting us during working day is not good idea. How we can comfortable talk to you when we are at work? Even, how we can trust your professionality when we agreed some comfortable time for talk and you don’t remember?

5. “Hi Tracy / Hi {FirstName} / Hi trusted friend / Hi James”

“Hi Lukasz
I have fantastic………”

I’m not Lukasz ! This works exactly the same way on your (HR) side like on our side. You sending “automatic” mails to every one who has in linkedin profile “javascript” in description, even when the person will write “I’m NOT javascript developer”.

The worst scenario that happened to me was someone contacted me and asked me for interview confirmation “for today” adding NDA document as a attachment to sign but we didn’t talk about offered position with name I even don’t know.


To conclude, this and many others situations makes our days nicer to live. From other side we (me) have feeling that recruiter job became worst then packer in the warehouse these days. We do not expect from you – recruiters – to be super-hero but I think we should expect from you to be more clear and detail-oriented as ours employers expecting this from us.