About me

About a man who try to think asynchronously 😉

Hi my name is Mirek. I’m a senior web developer in Avast Software company.

I have almost 15 years of web developing experience. I’m developing in (X)HTML,CSS,OO Javascript, Ajax, OO PHP, ZEND, NETTE, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Key/value DB, Client/Server SVN/GIT, GAnalytics/SiteCatalyst, Template engines like PHPTAL, Adobe products, MS/Linux, Cross browser compatibility, hi-traffic websites (1 500 000 000+ monthly), and more…

If you can reach me, or find more detailed information about me on:

My current company projects:

– work with high traffic main site – AVAST.COM (1,5 billion+ views monthly),
– responsible for PHP and Javascript OOP coding, XHTML/CSS, cross-browser compatibility and optimization, security,
– UI design and User experience support

Private projects (traffic around 125 000+ visits monthly, 80-90% UU):

– Biletti.pl – Fly tickets
– other portals – job offers, public traffic information, etc)
– Own positioning network for SEO

Hmmm, I should be more creative, not just only copy the linkedin profile text 😉

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