Macbook Pro Discreate Graphics Card Issue Fix Updated

After reading hundreds of hundreds articles, blogs, forums looking for some more suitable solution i found one really interesting.

Because Macbook has built in option to automatically turn off the computer when its over heated and has (or looks it has) the mechanism to prevent to over heat again setting all or most of all option to minimum when user will turn it on again after it was automatically shut down, the macbook is ABLE TO BOOT using INTEGRATED GPU!!!

It means you CAN BOOT your broken mac and do some action to prevent using AMD or ATI gpu again.

The procedure looks like that:

1. Download gfxCardStatus but max version 2.2.1. Save it on Pendrive.

2. Make everything same with drivers like it was before your mac was broken. Your system files/drivers should be on right place.

3. Turn on mac, leave it run to the moment when it will freeze on blue/gray/other screen.

4. Let it in this state – close lid, and put your mac to your case, and even more put it to some bag. Do something that will not allow fresh air to cool your mac – you will hear in few minutes that fans starting to spin crazy but still leave it in this state – to the moment when it will turn off automatically.

5. After its turned off, QUICKLY remove your mac from bag/case and turn it on. DO NOT leave it cool down. It MUST bu turned on when its still hot.

6. Is highly possible your mac will boot using integrated GPU. When it will do this QUICKLY use gfxCardStatus from pendrive you prepared to switch to Integrated GPU.

Now follow those steps to prevent your mac to swith back to discreate GPU.

1. Reboot Mac and enter to the Console mode (Command + S before gray screen appear)

2. mount -uw /

3. create folder example /_temp
4. move ale AMD folders (files) to folder you created
sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/AMD*.* /_temp

!!!! 5. Execute command:
sudo kextcache -v 1 -m /System/Library/Caches/ /System/Library/Extensions/

This will rebuild kexts cache which won’t contain AMD drivers kexts

6. restart your Mac using – sudo reboot

7. Start your Mac normally – Mac should use only Integrated Graphics Card now and it should boot always using integrated gpu.

REALY IMPORTANT !!! Turn off any updates which are connected to Mac OS X !!! Any system update can break this state again. This fix worked for me. My mac was freezed completly. Now Im writing from it this post!

ThanksĀ Ivan C. Brugere for tip.


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